The Cavern

Oct 03
Greetings everyone,

Today has been quite an eventful day as spooky season is just around the corner. We of course have much more planned all throughout this month however the changes listed below are the ones we have decided to release today.

* Worlds Resetting
As per usual, during the beginning of every month we reset the **Resource**, **Nether** and **End** worlds.
I feel as if its essentially required for me to throw this part in here but no, the main world does not reset...

* October Collector Items & Rewards
The theme of the October Collectables has to of course be Halloween, with the reward being a Devil Horn hat cosmetic.
Special thanks to Candii for creating this months Collector Items.
Special thanks to Yukii on configuring this months Item Collector reward.

* Halloween Spawn
A handful of individuals have been tirelessly at work ensuring that the spawn would be given a spooky look to it, and thanks to them it has happened!
Sep 23
Hello everyone!

In case you haven't heard, The Cavern hosted a build competition with the concept of a 1-chunk-challenge! We received lots of submissions, so I'd like to say good job to everyone who participated. You all handled the theme very creatively. I'd also like to give a huge thanks to our judges who helped with this event!

Now let's give you those results!
🥇 CosmicCoco & julazify
🥈 tjpoof
🥉 Fudqey & _FlamingOcean891

Great job, and congratulations to these players!

May 23
The cavern is finally turning a year old as of May 22, 2021. When launching, we had high expectations for not only the community but for those running and protecting it. To put in perspective the growth we have had in a single year, let me give you some numbers.

We have managed to greet over 42,000 unique players across both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. Those 42,000 players have interacted with over 1.192 Billion blocks across our main world, and various nether, end, and resource worlds. With those blocks, those players have managed to create, destroy, and explore over 2,700 towns, and create a little over 35 nations. Leadership has made over 200+ changes to the server which can all be seen in our Changelog channel on the discord! It’s because of your votes that the server can keep growing, and combine, the server has 335,000 total votes. Currently, there is $344,200,000 between all the registered players, and...