January 2022 Planned Maintenance

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Good morning @everyone,

We're excited to announce that on Sunday, January 30, 2022 6:00 PM, The Cavern will be undergoing much needed maintenance. Thanks to the tremendous support the community has shown us, we've been able to achieve the ability to custom order a new dedicated server. While our RAM and Disk space are staying similar in size, our CPU is being upgraded to an AMD Ryzen 9 5900x. While this upgrade does significantly increase our monthly upkeep, we truly believe it was needed for the future expansion of The Cavern.

During this downtime we'll be taking the opportunity to upgrade the server to the latest version of Minecraft Java (1.18.1). This also means that our Resource world will be reset once again in order to allow everyone the opportunity to explore the new 1.18.1 world generations. Regarding the existing Main world, we currently have no active plans on resetting it. If you're unaware, Mojang also increased the max height limit to 319 and lower limit to -64 which means the even the Main world will have the new 1.18 cave systems.

Besides the Minecraft versioning and hardware changes, we're currently experimenting with a new AntiCheat which should hopefully reduce false positives, an internal code re-framework to our inhouse plugins, replacing abandoned public plugins with premium ones, and optimizing and upgrading our backend infrastructure.

The expected downtime for this entire process is 4-5 days, meaning we should hopefully be back open to the public on February 4, 2022 (in 5 days)! The extra time will allow us to extensively test features, and provide our wonderful staff team a much earned and deserved rest break. Town upkeep will be paused throughout this process along with being disabled 2 days after we re-open to the public.

Expect wonderful things coming in the future, and we'll see you when we get closer to reopening!

Best Regards,
- The Leadership Team

* Cavern goes down on Sunday, January 30, 2022 6:00 PM and expected reopen on February 4, 2022 (in 5 days)
* Hardware upgrade mainly on the CPU (Ryzen 3800x -> Ryzen 5900x)
* 1.18.1 which allows for new exploration in the main world, and resource will again be reset
* New depth and height limits in the main world thanks to 1.18.1
* New AntiCheat, rework of internal plugins, infrastructure nerd work
* 4-5 day expected downtime
* Staff need more sleep
* Much testing, many wow
* Town upkeep paused during and 2 days after reopen
* Future is looking
- Leadership
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