December 2021 Update

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Hello everyone,

Our December Content Update has finally arrived! Here are the changes listed below.

* Christmas Event
Every 2 hours, an announcement will appear in the global in-game chat that the Elf Village is under siege. Upon clicking on the [Click Here] message (or typing /xmas) it'll teleport you inside the Christmas Event World, where if you follow the path will lead you up to a cave where the Icebreaker Yeti awaits you. Upon slaying it, everyone participating will have a chance to receive 1 - 3 candy canes that can be spent in the limited time Christmas shop which can be accessed by using /christmas. 🎄

Special thanks to AndIAmTheReaper, Fudqey, and Candii for helping build the Christmas Event World.

* Worlds Resetting
During the beginning of every month we reset the Resource, Nether, and End worlds. Do keep in mind that since the server hasn't fully updated to 1.18.1, the Resource world remains having 1.17 generations.

* December Collector Items & Rewards
The theme of the December Collectables is of course Christmas, made by Candii, with the reward being a Snowman Tag! ☃️ These collectibles are available in the Vote Crate.

* Christmas Spawn
We've gone ahead and modified our spawn to make it even more gorgeous in order to fit the Christmas aesthetic. This was done by Candii and Flimix!

* Christmas Crate
A brand new limited time crate has appeared at /warp crates! Here you have the chance to get Christmas weapons, a reindeer hat, a placeable snow globe, or a placeable Christmas tree! Alongside will be the Christmas Sale, which ends January 5th.

Not open for further replies.