The Cavern Year 1 Review

The cavern is finally turning a year old as of May 22, 2021. When launching, we had high expectations for not only the community but for those running and protecting it. To put in perspective the growth we have had in a single year, let me give you some numbers.

We have managed to greet over 42,000 unique players across both Minecraft Java and Bedrock editions. Those 42,000 players have interacted with over 1.192 Billion blocks across our main world, and various nether, end, and resource worlds. With those blocks, those players have managed to create, destroy, and explore over 2,700 towns, and create a little over 35 nations. Leadership has made over 200+ changes to the server which can all be seen in our Changelog channel on the discord! It’s because of your votes that the server can keep growing, and combine, the server has 335,000 total votes. Currently, there is $344,200,000 between all the registered players, and 16,056 homes set.

Our server moderators have made over 4,000 punishments. 38% Bans, 14% Mutes, 5% Warnings, and 43% Kicks. Punished players have made over 100 appeals for some of these punishments. For our Ban/Mute appeals, we have overturned a little over 42% of those punishments and kept the other 58% as is. This goes to show that we do make mistakes and will try to correct them, but it also shows that we stand by a lot of our decisions. We believe in second chances, but not third ones.

Alright, alright, FINE. Fish. Let’s talk fishing. There has been a total of 2.9 Million fish caught up until now. Of those 2.9 million, 59% were bronze, 16% were silver, 5% were gold, 1% were diamond, .0021% was platinum, and .00032% were mythic. There was a total of $33.9 Million made from fishing as well.

Until the time that 1.17 arrives, we will continue to prove bug and exploit fixes and a few feature updates until the big release. The release of the new hub and spawn are only the beginning of what we have planned. If you haven’t already, now would be the best time to join our discord to keep up to date on announcements and changelogs for the network!

From the bottom of our hearts, the leadership team thanks you for an incredible year, and hope to have an amazing second and beyond! Through thick, thin, and drama, this community has pulled through, and we hope to show everyone that we are the best place around.