Egyptian Builder Cel here


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Hey guys, I'm TheCelestialMan, or Cel as you'll see in game, I joined The Cavern back in June of 2020 and have been a consistent player on here ever since. I'm mostly known for being the sole builder of the city of Amonkhet, a large Egyptian themed city in one of the South East deserts on the map, the project has taken me 11 months so far and I plan to see it through to completion no matter how long it takes. I also like building in medieval and viking themes but for this server I wanted to try something else out. It's nice to meet you and i hope to see you all around on The Cavern!

P.S. If you would like to help the build effort I buy gold ore, ingots, and blocks at /pw neitizmall, I also accept donations to keep the project up and running


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Hi Cel (my favorite builder..)!

Your town is my absolute favorite, always sparks conversation in people. I'll be sure to donate gold if I have any! 😊