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Hello, welcome to the Treasure Coast Casino & Resort

We are located in the city of Ravenholm, but you can teleport to our casino floor with:

/pw Hearts
Home of the Queen of hearts raffle!

Rules of play

You can purchase tickets from Sci or Reaper in game by contacting us in chat or through Discord.
Once you have purchased tickets you are eligible to win the Cash Pot & Rotating Prizes. (minus a 15% Casino Fee on all cash prizes)
Four tickets are drawn every Sunday, two at 2pm and two at 7pm(MST).
Attendance Prizes can only be claimed between 2pm and 8pm(MST) the day your ticket was drawn.
Any cash prizes unclaimed after 2 weeks will return to the Pot minus the 15% casino fee.
You win the pot by opening the barrel with the Queen of Hearts in it. Other prizes can be won by pulling the "Right" cards from barrels.

Players who follow get a free bonus ticket every week.

Ravenholm residents can purchase an extra ticket every week.

Players who like this post may buy a bonus ticket during one week out of a series.

Players who join the Ravenholm Discord may buy a bonus ticket one week out of a series.

Queen of hearts, Frequently asked Questions
Q: How much is it?
A: Tickets cost $1000 each and you can buy 5 tickets per week.

Q: How will I be notified if I win?
A: If you win a card prize we will send you a message through The Caverns mail system.

Q: How do I win a Donator Rank?
A: Donator ranks come from the "Donator ticket", which can only be won by attending drawings. see "Reapers Prize Shop" for more details.

Q: What Happens to my tickets after the drawing?
A: Any tickets not drawn stay in the raffle until the Queen of Hearts is found.

Q: What if I cant make it to the drawing? / I'm on bedrock and can't visit /pw hearts.
A: As an alternative attending to the drawing in game, you may attend by watching on Sci's Twitch channel and open any attendance prizes through the Twitch chat.

Pot as of 10/18/21 12:00 am MST:

Drawing Schedule:
Series 3 sales start on 10/24
10/31/2021 at 2 & 7 p.m. MST (Arizona)

Please Contact me here, in game, or on discord if you are interested in tickets.

Current item prizes for "Right" cards:

King of hearts:
Block of Netherite

Jack of clubs:
Jack of Blades (fully enchanted netherite sword)

Previous Drawings:

Pikapowerboi 10/17/2021 $237,150
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Coral lounge
Serving Pina Coladas and Wine, come have a drink and enjoy the aquarium windows.


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Reapers Prize shop

You can win Attendance Prizes by being present in the casino the day one or more of your tickets have been drawn.
They include:

-Donator Rank*
-Art tickets X2 (Win a print of the card your ticket revealed)
-Double Down (reveal an additional card)
-Block of Diamond
-Infused Hopper
-Chicken Curry
-Netherite Ingot
-Ancient Debris
-Crab Claw
-Crab Scale
-Looting 3
-Dolphin Tail
-Soul Jar
-Squid Tentacle
-Basic Artifact
-Unusual Artifact
-Epic Artifact
-Radiant Backpack
*If you pull the donator ticket and you do not have a paid rank you will become a Duke
*if you pull the donator ticket and you are a Viscount you will receive 6 rare keys and become a Duke
*if you pull the donator ticket and you are a Duke you will become a King
*if you pull the donator ticket and you are a King you will receive 15 rare keys
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