I have a money prob- Anyway Hello!


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Hello everyone my name is Wild but my user name is WilderCantWin,

I joined this server to hopefully expand my friendships and get practice speaking to people in voice chats (whenever you peeps ever join them), I have a hard talking to certain people so sorry if I'm super quiet. I have too much time and money so much money that I'm a simp so yeah, all jokes aside some other hobbies I enjoy are 3D Printing and Laser Cutting so if you have ideas for designs let me know (my discord should be Wild#0223). I currently have a part-time job, and a cute dog named Crosby and I'm about to graduate high school and start my own business making 3D-printed Car parts.

Anyway hope you found this somewhat funny and helpful to know about me
- Wild


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Hello Wild! 😊

It's nice to meet you! Best of luck with your business of 3D-printed car parts, it sounds like a cool opportunity!

Would love some pics of Crosby sometime. 🐶