Competition Soon?


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Perhaps a redstone contraption contest. Requirements for their creation would be that it can serve a useful purpose in everyday gameplay, not something that's built only to look cool while functioning. I would also make a rule for size limits on their contraption such as the build must fit within a 10x10x10 box for example. In the event that the same type of contraption is built by 2 or more people, it would additionally be judged by it's aesthetic appearance as well.


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Hi friends!
I’d like to put together a competition. What do you want to see?
What kind of prizes do you want to have?
Gimme your ideas!
I like the idea of building! Count me in if u can cus imma reallt good bilder and first place could be like idek, 20k? second could be 10k and third could be a netherite ingot. And gg on t-mod Maddie


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I think a build contest would work out awesome!
Would folks like a dedicated space to build as in a town for competition, each competitor gets a chunk, or have their builds be in their own spaces throughout the world?