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Towny gets... Well.. kinda boring.
I'm sure everyone gets at least a little bit bored of it.
Well... You've come to the right place!
When I'm bored
I do these things;
Level Up Mcmmo Skills
Polish Up Old Builds
Private Sign Every Container
Kill Dogs 😈
Stab Villagers
Join The Discord Voice Chat
Help Out Noobs
Play As Bait For Staff

Feel Free To Add On To This Post, The More Ideas The Merrier :D


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Some things that i think i do when im bored are:

searching and exploring the ruins of old towns in the wilderness

Scrolling through the list of /pw and /t spawn, looking for a playerwarp/town ive never visited

helping noobs,

trying to make good looking screenshots (with shaders and cool texture pack etc) of buildings

Am sure there are even more idk :D