[Need Assistance] Mod check/s - Ex. InventoryProfilesNext


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I was recently kicked out by the console with reason like "Invalid or Unapproved use of modifications?" while I was moving my fishes from my inventory to the fish menu/scale.

Mod Link: https://www.curseforge.com/minecraft/mc-mods/inventory-profiles-next

My suspect was due to the mod InventoryProfilesNext - a mod simply for better inventory management. Like dragging of items transfer to another inventory open much faster - since I was kicked the moment while I was simply moving my items/fishes from my inventory to another inventory which was the Fish Menu under Scale.

I already read the server rules like what are the illegal mods and this category was not listed though its also not included on the allowed mods - is that the reason? It actually really doesn't make any sense as it doesn't even gave me superb advantage over other players by simply managing my inventory efficiently. If this mod isn't really allowed, please let me know so I could immediately discontinue the use of this. Anyone from staffs care to explain please? Thanks


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The best answer I can give you is if you are unsure to ask if a specific mod is okay to use (which you did, yay!). The auto-mod only does so much, but worry not! It does not ban, only kicks! We discourage the use of mods that would give players unfair advantages over other players, I'll default to a more senior staff member if incorrect on this, but I do not believe what you are using does that, however the auto-mod is more strict than I personally am.

I would recommend that if the auto-mod is kicking you to go ahead and remove it. We do seem to be having a couple hiccups since the last restart, so don't stress too much.


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Perfect! Thanks for clarifying Maddie! I was actually only kicked once, after that I was still able to play with the said mod on without ever being kicked ever since. You're right it could be something from the server which was fixed after a restart. :D