Introduce Yourself!


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Hello! I'm Darcy, but you might know me ingame as Vizaril.

I'm new so i thought that I would introduce myself.
20 years old from the United Kingdom (in before people ask me to say chewsday)
I am very Introverted so i like to stay inside and play video games alot. you will see me on the server all the time.
I am very friendly and i will always be available to offer my opinion and help how i can.

Fun fact about me: I can turn my eyelids inside out. I also enjoy making caves and building ingame :)

Please introduce yourself down below so we can get to know you better! :)
and please ask me if you want to know anything, I am an open book....................................... with a few pages glued shut ;)


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Henlo! I'm Vir, nice to meet you and all that :3

I'm a dumb kid with some dreams, you know, like any other bum off the street you can find.

I enjoy coding even though I currently suck at it, but hey, won't stop me now!
Fun Fact: I was a pretty good actor until I stopped in sophomore year. (2x best actor back to back, WOOO-)