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FYI - this is my own personal FAQ thread based on the stuff that gets asked over and over again in chat. Feel free to add; I may edit the main entry based on your suggestions. -- anu3bis, mayor of Awaji, of the Fire Nation.

Q) How do I protect my stuff / Can I claim blocks?
A) Only towns can claim territory (apart from a temporary 3-day campfire). Join or start a town.

Q) Great! How do I start a town?
A) Check out the /towny wiki for all the commands. https://code.google.com/archive/a/eclipselabs.org/p/towny/wikis/Commands.wiki
But he important part is...don't when you just start! It costs money to create a town and money to maintain a town. You don't want to waste $5k only to realize you can't pay the upkeep! Once you're ready to start a town, have say, $10k in the bank, go ahead and create one. (see commands, above).

Q) What towns already exist?
A) Try /town list to see the whole list. Also, the discord Recruitment channel is good.

Q) How can I join someone else's town?
A) Great question! Towns tend to fall into one of a few categories:
-- Beginner friendly - Towns like Exegol accept pretty much anyone and ask very little. They tend to have active and helpful mayors who will give you one 16x16 plot for close to free, and if you want more, understand that it adds to the town's upleep cost...there may be a cost to you.
-- Closed - Generally a group of friends who want to build together and don't bring in new folks.
-- In Progress - Folks who have just built their first area solo and are considering expanding
-- In Decline - Towns without active population that will eventually not meet their upkeep fee and disband.
-- Themed - if you see a town that seems to have a lot of the same architecture, chances are the mayor has _plans_...they're looking for more people with a shared vision, so see if how you like to build is like how they like to build, and team up! (Example: Awaji likes Edo-Era Japanese buildings and telling stories)

Q) Why can't I make hoppers?
A) Lag. Hoppers in unlimited quantities drag a server down into lag Hell. So the only way to get them is from voting. There is also a robust trade in buying and selling hoppers at shops.

Q) How do I make in-game money?
A) If you're asking "how do I get rich quick"...there really isn't a way to do that, and that's on purpose. You gotta earn your fun. But to make money slow and steady, here's the best ways:
-- Vote. , and you'll average a couple of thousand a day.
----(Java users) Use the /vote command.
----(Bedrock users) Go to the discord #welcome channel for the list and vote there.
-- Vote...then sell your keys. Market may vary.
-- Jobs. Sign up for the miner job and mine. Sign up for the fisherman job and fish. /jobs will tell you all about it.
--Quests - Try /q and see what's available. I recommend the MISC quests to start, as you're always going to be walking or building up hours on the server, so that's some quick seed money.
-- Offer your services to other players. Some folks want help clearing land, collecting stuff, or doing other odd jobs. Say what you're good at and what you like to do, you're more likely to get a response.
-- Start a shop. Once you have a town, start a shop. If you don't have a town, some shops allow you to sell on consignment (Lowes, for example)
-- The Black Market. /blackmarket. They buy 3 different types of things over a set time, so you can sell your stuff there.
-- Fishing contests. Generally you get at least $100 for participating. But you can sell your first afterwards. /fish shop.
-- Sell fish! Fish, then sell them in the /fish shop.
-- DON'T: Just ask people for money. It rarely if ever works, and generally just gets you /ignored.

Q) What does "SLIMEFUN4: You do not have enough knowledge to understand this" mean?
A) It means you tried to use a Slimefun plugin tool that you haven't researched yet. Typically, you stepped on an elevator plate or someone gave you a cool toy that you just don't know how to use. Go to your slimefun book (/sf guide to get one) and click on the search button to figure out what you need to learn and how many levels it will cost.
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