Server Rules

This is the list of rules you must follow at all times. Failure to follow these rules will result in punishments at the staff’s discretion.

The staff reserve the right to change the rules at any time.

Inappropriate Chat Conduct

The way users conduct themselves in our chat is incredibly important, as The Cavern aims to be a friendly social hub for players of all ages. Below are examples of the kind of conduct that will result in a punishment:

   ■    Instigating drama.

   ■    Imposing religious conversations/ethics.  

   ■    Disrespectful/offensive language and hate speech.   

   ■    Spamming or rioting of any kind.

   ■    Harassing and abusing others.

   ■    Impersonating staff members.

   ■    Sharing personal information regarding others.

   ■    Discussing real world, current politics in open channels.

   ■    Circumventing the chat filter. 

Hate speech: Abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular person/group ; including but not limited to; race, religion, or sexual orientation.

Inappropriate Behavior

We expect our users to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner at all times. Towny is all about enjoying the game with others, and we expect people to do so in a friendly manner. Below are examples of conducts that will result in a punishment:

   ■    Predatory behavior.

   ■    Using alts / loopholes to bypass punishments or item limits.

   ■    Advertising other servers or IP's.

Hacked Clients & Modifications

Anything that gives the player an advantage or offers any kind of unintentional experience isn't welcome. Some illegal modifications are listed below:

   ■    X-ray texturepacks/modifications.

   ■    Hacked clients.

   ■    Macros, afk pools, and other tools to attempt to avoid the AFK timer.

Allowed mods: Optifine, Any Minimap/Waypoint, AppleSkin, Durability Viewers, LightLevel Overlays, JEI, No Recipe Book, Badlion Client, Lunar Client, Litematica / Schematica


Glitches & Exploits

During your time on The Cavern, we expect you to play fair, the way we intended the server to be enjoyed. If you are caught abusing Minecraft bugs, or exploits within our own plugins, you will be punished instantly. Examples of glitches and exploits are:

   ■    Vanilla exploits.

   ■    Clearly unintentional plugin bugs.

3rd Party Trading

Do not attempt to transfer in-game currency or items for a real-life currency of any sort unless the real-life currency purchase is directly through The Cavern webstore. Violation of this will result in a permanent ban for both the buyer and seller.


Building Expectations

Whilst we understand that The Cavern is an open world Survival server, and people enjoy building together, there is enough room in the world for everyone, and intentionally intruding on someone else's private space out in the wild will not be tolerated. This includes purposely building or claiming around someone's town without asking for their permission.

Any farms that use “0 tick mechanics” are not allowed, along with other contraptions that may cause proportional lag towards the server.

Do not intentionally inconvenience the expansion of a town by building or breaking within 2 chunks (32 blocks) of any claim. For example, do not excavate large pits nor build walls around a claim to halt their progress.

Automatic Farms (added 9/26/2021)

In order to clarify our expectations for automatic farms, this section has been added to the rules. 

   ■    Farm size

        Mentioned above in the "Building Expectations" section. Large farms can cause proportional lag to the server and are at risk of breaking this rule. If at any time a staff member determines your farm/machine to cause proportional lag, they will ask you to remove it or parts of it in order to keep it within the rules.

   ■    Idle Farming

        Sitting idle at contraptions intended to gather/produce items with little to none player interaction is not allowed. Players must be active at all times whilst inside of these chunks.

        Examples that follow the rules

            ■    John has a contraption under his house, where he's actively making art

            ■    Alex is near a small golem farm but goes to spawn or disconnects when he has to step away.

            ■    Billy is fishing in his base while his machines make some items for his shop.

            ■    Timothy is above his machines, organizing his chests

        Examples that don't follow the rules

            ■    John has a contraption under his house, where he does nothing as it produces items.

            ■    Alex has a golem farm that he has running while he leaves his computer.

            ■    Billy has an alt account loading his machine, while he is farming drachma in the dungeon.


Communications (added 8/11/2022)

Only communicate using the English language in the global chat channel.