Win $79,750! Save The Queen! ~|Treasure Coast Casino|~


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Hello, welcome to the Treasure Coast Casino & Resort

We are located in the city of Ravenholm, but you can teleport to our casino floor with:

/pw play2win

We are the home of the Queen of hearts raffle!
(visit the casino floor for rules & details.)

Pot as of 6/3/21 1:00 am MST:


Next drawing:
6/3/2021 10pm MST (Arizona)

Please Contact me here, in game, or on discord (Scil3nt#7628) if you are interested in tickets.

Set Tickets:

1: Lemonsqueeky9: yfb_zee
2: Audrey00o10: skywalker202
3: nanxxiety11: Snowy_snowflakey
4: teducapalot12: Dicey599
5: Candii13: notlamont
6: Eburhardt14: kayTJ12
7: Talaena15: Dekadyrus
8: Viewless_chain16: BuffPeng

Current item prizes for "Right" cards:

King of hearts:
Block of Netherite

Jack of clubs:


Previous Drawings:

Tuesday, May 25th ticket 9 nanxxiety 27H: Five of Spades
Thursday, May 27th ticket 36 Skywalker 21H: Ten of Spades
Saturday, May 29th Set 13 notlamont: Two of Spades, Six of Diamonds, Two of Diamonds
Monday, May 31st ticket 6 nanxxiety: Jack of Clubs WINNER! "Black Jack" Enchanted Netherite Sword!
Tuesday, June 1st: Off day
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Coral lounge
Serving Pina Coladas and Wine, come have a drink and enjoy the bay windows.


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Reapers Prize shop

Attendance Prizes are random prizes you can win by being present on the casino floor when your ticket is drawn.
They include:

-Donator Rank*
-Art tickets X2 (Win a print of the card your ticket revealed)
-Double Down (reveal an additional card)
-Block of Diamond
-Infused Hopper
-Chicken Curry
-Netherite Ingot
-Ancient Debris
-Crab Claw
-Crab Scale
-Looting 3
-Dolphin Tail
-Soul Jar
-Squid Tentacle
-Basic Artifact
-Unusual Artifact
-Epic Artifact
-Radiant Backpack
*If you pull the donator ticket and you do not have a paid rank you will become a Duke
*if you pull the donator ticket and you are a Viscount you will receive 6 rare keys and become a Duke
*if you pull the donator ticket and you are a Duke you will become a King
*if you pull the donator ticket and you are a King you will receive 15 rare keys
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