October 2023 Update

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Hello everyone,

Changes from our recent content update are listed below.

* 1.20 Update
Server has been internally updated to 1.20. To account for the new biomes, the world border has been expanded by 1,000 blocks.

* Standard Changes

Nether, resource, and end world have reset. October collectible items and their reward have been released.

* Player Warp Ratings

Playerwarps are now based off of a 1-5 star rating that can be given using /pw rate <warp> <rating>. There is an option to sort warps by visits as well, but rate is default.

* Admin Shop

Access using /adminshop. Keep in mind that we'll be experimenting with the shop prices as the overall goal with this is to create a money drain.

* Cherry Blossom Wings

https://store.thecavern.net/ 🌸

* Miscellaneous

Join our Discord and view the #change-log channel for other updates.

Thank you everyone for your continuous support!
Not open for further replies.