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Greetings Cavern Players!
I am an old Player of Minecraft. I've been playing since launch day of Minecraft.
I spend most of my time building and creating odds and ends that my imagination comes up with. No build is too big.
I have been an owner, Senior admin, Admin, Mod, senior builder, Event planner and many other roles on many other servers since i started.
I am an adult, Most call me mom or Granny when i do join a server.
I Work for the Orange box (Home Depot) as a Store Manager and come to minecraft to relax.
I bring with me my 3 God-kids which i do spend time with on Minecraft.
My favorite Mob is Enderman.
My favorite Animal in Minecraft are now the Goats and GlowSquid.
I enjoy making players laugh and riding around on pigs.

The builds i am known for is a Jail that was a giant Toilet in the middle of the ocean.

well, thats me!
Thank you for having me here~


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Hi Moranna! 👋

Nice to meet you! I think you're the first person I met who likes endermen and glow squid. Personally, I like ravagers... and wish Moobloom won..

Excited to see you and your journey on the server! ☺️