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  1. ItsSynchro

    January 2022 Planned Maintenance

    Good morning @everyone, We're excited to announce that on Sunday, January 30, 2022 6:00 PM, The Cavern will be undergoing much needed maintenance. Thanks to the tremendous support the community has shown us, we've been able to achieve the ability to custom order a new dedicated server. While...
  2. ItsSynchro

    Squid game in minecraft?

    That'd be an interesting concept
  3. ItsSynchro

    October 2021 Update

    Greetings everyone, Today has been quite an eventful day as spooky season is just around the corner. We of course have much more planned all throughout this month however the changes listed below are the ones we have decided to release today. * Worlds Resetting As per usual, during the...
  4. ItsSynchro

    Towny Shop

    You'll first need to reach Merchant rank to create chest shops. After that you can simply right click on a chest with the item in your hand and it'll prompt you with what to do next.
  5. ItsSynchro

    Hi I am new

    Welcome to The Cavern !
  6. ItsSynchro

    Donations Ranks

    Hello MrDravon240, The issue has been resolved, and you should now be able to purchase a rank with no trouble. However, please remember to insert the _ right before your username.
  7. ItsSynchro

    Guys whats the port?

    For Java Edition? Don't enter a port if you're wanting to play on Java. For Bedrock use the default port which is 19132.