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  1. Candii

    October 2023 Update

    Hello everyone, Changes from our recent content update are listed below. * 1.20 Update Server has been internally updated to 1.20. To account for the new biomes, the world border has been expanded by 1,000 blocks. * Standard Changes Nether, resource, and end world have reset. October...
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    Loving Cavern

  3. Candii

    Display Names

    Do you mean Discord or the server itself? If the server itself, /nick is a feature we allow for donators of the server. For Discord, you just change your display name via. settings.
  4. Candii

    Hello Everyone

    Hello Veysel! I'm glad you're enjoying your time on the server. I wish you the best with your studies and interests! 😊
  5. Candii

    Rivers3dge, The King of Solitude

    Hello River, Nice to see your introduction! I wish you the best with your education and hobbies, fishing and canoeing must be great during this time of year! 🛶🎣
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    Hello, Friends

    Hello Jason/Nameless, Interesting to hear about how you're a software engineer! I personally could never, I'll stick to working with dogs and cats 🐶! Glad you're enjoying your time on The Cavern.
  9. Candii

    Hello friends

    Hello Cytonot, Welcome back to The Cavern! Hope you enjoy your time back on here. 😊
  10. Candii

    back again

    Welcome back, nice to see you around!
  11. Candii

    Wildcards Casino

    Blackjack is one of my favorites, nice to see that you guys will be hosting it. Best of luck with your casino! 🥳
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    I'm sorry that that's the case! 😥 If you ever have someone making fun of you on the server, please ask in #server-support on the Discord server for staff. Or, feel free to message any staff member (on either this website or Discord) with screenshot evidence showing the harassment, so that...
  13. Candii

    I have a money prob- Anyway Hello!

    Hello Wild! 😊 It's nice to meet you! Best of luck with your business of 3D-printed car parts, it sounds like a cool opportunity! Would love some pics of Crosby sometime. 🐶
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  16. Candii

    How to join the discord?

    Hello, If you select 'Forums', there is a box to the upper right dedicated to the Discord. Click on the 'Discord Server' heading and it will bring you to an invite. Alternatively, type /discord when online.
  17. Candii

    Is the dynmap problem being worked on?

    Hello, The owners have been made aware! We're sorry for any inconvenience this may bring, there should be a fix soon.
  18. Candii

    Hello all!

    Hello! 👋
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    Hi Matt, nice to meet you! Excited to see you on the server. 😊
  20. Candii

    Server Bully Who Wont Stop

    Hello, I'm sorry that you were experiencing this! We strive to make the community a welcoming, comfortable place for all. We will look into this situation. Thank you for letting us know, and have a nice day! 😊