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  1. ItsSynchro

    +1 very thicc

    +1 very thicc
  2. ItsSynchro

    Towny Shop

    You'll first need to reach Merchant rank to create chest shops. After that you can simply right click on a chest with the item in your hand and it'll prompt you with what to do next.
  3. ItsSynchro

    Hi I am new

    Welcome to The Cavern !
  4. ItsSynchro

    Donations Ranks

    Hello MrDravon240, The issue has been resolved, and you should now be able to purchase a rank with no trouble. However, please remember to insert the _ right before your username.
  5. ItsSynchro

    Guys whats the port?

    For Java Edition? Don't enter a port if you're wanting to play on Java. For Bedrock use the default port which is 19132.