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  1. Candii

    Blackmarket: Issues with the Key prizes.

    Hello Andy! I'm sorry that you weren't able to claim your keys. Blackmarket can be so difficult to get on the leaderboards for, I still have yet to do it! Due to this, I can completely understand the frustration that you felt when you couldn't claim them. For a more clarifying answer, the...
  2. Candii

    Sup jt Online daily

    Nice to meet you! :)
  3. Candii


    You can always do /leave g to leave global chat and /join g to join back in when you feel like it. Hope this helps! :)
  4. Candii


  5. Candii

    Egyptian Builder Cel here

    Hi Cel (my favorite builder..)! Your town is my absolute favorite, always sparks conversation in people. I'll be sure to donate gold if I have any! 😊
  6. Candii

    Quest help

    Alright! What is your exact Minecraft username?
  7. Candii

    Quest help

    The higher ups are going to have to remove the quest for you. Could you reply to this thread with the exact quest that you are on?
  8. Candii

    The Cavern Year 1 Review

    Great review! 😊
  9. Candii

    Donations Ranks

    The donator rank is added to your account soon after purchase, but you may have to wait a couple of minutes. As for where to buy the ranks, hit "Store" at the top of this website or click the link in my signature.
  10. Candii

    Can not connect..

    That could be an issue, and if so, easily resolvable. While in your server list, click the server and hit edit. You'll see a button that says, "Server Resource Packs: Enabled/Prompt/Disabled." Hit this box until it goes to disable.
  11. Candii

    Can not connect..

    Okay! Going to go through some solutions, so bear with me. First, restart your computer and even consider undownloading/redownloading Minecraft. Although it sounds like an Apple solution, it sometimes can be the answer. Afterwards, making sure that you have good internet connection (once...
  12. Candii

    Can not connect..

    Hello! Sorry for this issue that you are dealing with. I understand it can be stressful, so let's work it out! First, seeing that you are on Bedrock, join with with the port 19132. Make sure you play on the version 1.16.5, as our server won't accept 1.8 or older versions. In...
  13. Candii

    May I please have some help?

    Whenever you are online, start a conversation with me on here to alert me (also tell me your full username). I can get you out of the warp. Or, message me on Discord. It is Candii#3015. Let's get you out of there. :)
  14. Candii

    May I please have some help?

    Hello! By any chance, are you too laggy to do /spawn or /rtp to get out of there? If not, you can be teleported out of the situation. You just need to give me your username. Sorry about the lag by the way! Some places you have to be careful with, such as /pw play, /pw strawbairy, and /pw...