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  1. Candii

    Server Bully Who Wont Stop

    Hello, I'm sorry that you were experiencing this! We strive to make the community a welcoming, comfortable place for all. We will look into this situation. Thank you for letting us know, and have a nice day! 😊
  2. Candii

    Help needed

    Hello! Do /sethome (home name). Teleport there with /home! You only get 1 home as a newcomer. As you /rankup, you gain access to more.
  3. Candii


    Send me a screenshot in direct messages via this website w/ the error message please.
  4. Candii


    Make sure you type it right, no special characters or anything. Just Yeti1o1 (assuming that's your in-game name) should work fine!
  5. Candii


    Hello! What do you need help with?
  6. Candii

    Holo fellow caverserners

    No problem! Because TNT explosions are disabled on the server, the Blast Mining/etc aren't useful. However, you may be interested in the custom mining plugin on the server, PyroMining. Do /mine journal to check it out! :)
  7. Candii

    Holo fellow caverserners

    Hello, As your mining level with mcMMO increases, more abilities unlock, such as Super Breaker! Here is a link for more information.
  8. Candii

    Resource Pack

    Did you try changing it to resource packs -> prompt? Do that instead of enable, as you can accept it once in game. Also, try it on 1.18.2!
  9. Candii

    I need help

    Hello OakPepper, This is an intentional feature, due to >4 million ExoticGarden blockstoragedata instances causing crashes and slow start-up times. As for canceling a quest on Bedrock, try /q cancel (quest name) or spam click said quest in the /q started cancel quest menu.
  10. Candii

    Minecart Issue

    In order to get the minecart to begin moving, it needs momentum, so try making one of the ends have an angle. I attached an example image below. Also, please remember that AFKing at automatic farms is against the rules!
  11. Candii

    Bit late but hi

    hi miki 😘
  12. Candii


    Hi Moranna! 👋 Nice to meet you! I think you're the first person I met who likes endermen and glow squid. Personally, I like ravagers... and wish Moobloom won.. Excited to see you and your journey on the server! ☺️
  13. Candii

    Greetings fellas!

    Hello, nice to meet you! I'm sure you'll love the fishing on our server, it has a big community! If you ever need some assistance with the Pyrofishing plugin, I'll be more than happy to help. 🎣 😊
  14. Candii

    Hello there !

    Hello! I hope you enjoy it here. If you have any questions, please ask! 😊
  15. Candii

    Hello Caverneers!

    Good luck on the copper crusade ⛏️
  16. Candii

    Hi hiii

    Hello- glad you're excited to be here! 💛
  17. Candii

    Hello Everyone

    Hello! 😊
  18. Candii


    What times are you usually online- and do you have Discord? Much easier for us to contact you to teleport you out, if so.
  19. Candii


    Hello! Are you still stuck in a warp? If so, please give us your full username and respond back to this post.
  20. Candii

    Can someone tell Utmost i wont be online for some time?

    I'll send over the message for you. (y)