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  1. Candii


    What times are you usually online- and do you have Discord? Much easier for us to contact you to teleport you out, if so.
  2. Candii


    Hello! Are you still stuck in a warp? If so, please give us your full username and respond back to this post.
  3. Candii

    Can someone tell Utmost i wont be online for some time?

    I'll send over the message for you. (y)
  4. Candii

    Hello guys!

    Hi! Nice to meet you. 😊
  5. Candii

    My Radient Backpacks vanished

    Hello Blue! I am sorry to hear about your backpacks, it is never fun to lose items! Assuming that you have checked all possible locations for said backpacks, do you have their IDs, so that they can be searched for?
  6. Candii

    December 2021 Update

    Hello everyone, Our December Content Update has finally arrived! Here are the changes listed below. * Christmas Event Every 2 hours, an announcement will appear in the global in-game chat that the Elf Village is under siege. Upon clicking on the [Click Here] message (or typing /xmas) it'll...
  7. Candii

    Vote links for someone in-game

    Giving this a bump. 😊
  8. Candii

    My Skin comp skin for all the java players

    So cute 🎃
  9. Candii


    Hello! Nice to meet you, welcome to the server! I hope to see you around! 😊
  10. Candii

    Build Competition Results

    Hello everyone! In case you haven't heard, The Cavern hosted a build competition with the concept of a 1-chunk-challenge! We received lots of submissions, so I'd like to say good job to everyone who participated. You all handled the theme very creatively. I'd also like to give a huge thanks to...
  11. Candii

    I got banned!

    Hello! Going to start a separate conversation with you to discuss this further.
  12. Candii

    need to get rid of a quest

    There's no estimated time for that. 😊
  13. Candii

    Need help pls am stuck

    Do you have Discord by any chance? If so, it'll make the process of tping you to spawn a lot easier. Harder to communicate as quickly on forums. Try to hop on within the next few hours, as I will be on and can bring you there.
  14. Candii

    Need help pls am stuck

    Hop on right now, I'll bring you to spawn.
  15. Candii

    need to get rid of a quest

    Hello Max! I will see about the removal of this quest for you, but please remain patient during this time.
  16. Candii

    Staff application

    Hi Dimond! Just so you're aware, this is not the section for staff applications. If you hit 'Forums' and scroll down, you should see the section where you can submit one!
  17. Candii

    I need Help

    You can log out of your account, hit the log in button, select 'Forgot your password?', and then reset your password via the email you registered with.
  18. Candii

    I need Help

    As in your Minecraft account or your forums account?
  19. Candii

    Staff application

    Hi Zed! If you scroll down the forums, you'll see a section for applications. You can apply there.
  20. Candii

    FAQ Thread

    Nice thread! It answers some of the common questions well.